Commander 3v Features

Combining the data capture and display features of the CoPilot 2+ with built in video overlay, the CDS Commander 3v is the perfect racing data logger solution for incorporating data into your team decisions and modifications. This system is also ideal for owners that want a non-display data logger so you can maintain the look you want with for your car. Owners can use either function (data logging or video data overlay) or both at the same time. If you are new to data logging you can start by just using the video data overlay then use the data logging feature once you are comfortable with the system.

Data Logging

The Commander 3v features the exact same data logging capability of the CoPilot 2+, and can satisfy all your racing data logger needs for almost any Road Race or Circle Track application. The CDS Link software is used to configure the logging features.

  • Automatically starts and stops logging based on user adjustable Speed and RPM.
  • Automatically separates data into sessions. No switches to throw or buttons to push!
  • Saves up to 8 sessions for download at your convenience
  • User adjustable sample rates and channel selection for logging
  • 8 Megabytes of data logging memory
  • Up to 37 channels of data can be logged
  • High speed USB download
  • Easy, interactive calibration and zeroing of sensors

Auxilary Displays

  • Up to 2 CDS Satellite Displays can be connected to the Commander 3v.
  • Available in Single, Dual Horizontal, and Dual Vertical configurations.
  • Billet aluminum and completely waterproof
  • Each display can show any signal including pressures, temperatures, lap time, speed, lap number, etc.
  • They can flash if the displayed signal is in an alarm condition.
  • They can display “- – – -” if the displayed signal is within its normal range (not alarmed)

Video Overlay

The Commander 3v includes video data overlay which transforms any in-car video recording system into a full blown racing data acquisition system by overlaying performance data onto the in-car video. The Informer processes raw data into useful information and answers, including the Predicted Lap Time, the Time Difference, and Recent Time Difference.

Performance Monitor

Have you ever come off of a corner or gone through a segment of track and said to yourself “that felt real fast”? Conventional performance monitors cannot measure or confirm the improvement you just made unless you looked at the gauge and memorized the reading before you entered that segment.

With Commander 3v RTD technology you simply look once, at any point on the track, and it shows you how you did in the most recent segment. The only “Driver Performance Monitor” that shows your performance in the most recent track segment with only one glance.

See how the Commander 3v fits into the complete CDS Racing Data Acquisition solution