The brains of your racing data acquisition solution

CoPilot 2+


CoPilot 2+ is a smart, programmable racing data acquisition system that displays more than information. It gives answers, showing the driver critical intelligence at just the right moment. Predicted lap and sector times? See them immediately, without waiting for postings on the pit board, or a call over the radio. Drivers see the effect of their changes right now.

Commander 3v


Combining the data capture and display features of the CoPilot 2+ with built in video overlay, the COMPETITION DATA Commander 3v is the perfect solution for incorporating racing data into your team decisions and modifications. Owners can use either function (data logging or video data overlay) or both at the same time without requiring a steering wheel display. If you are new to race data logging you can start by just using the video data overlay then use the race data logging feature once you are comfortable with the system.