GPS-2 Interface

The GPS Controller

Installs in the cockpit and connects to the Beacon and Wheel Speed channels of your system. Come with connectors installed for the system it is intended for use with. It is 100% waterproof.

(NOTE: connectors installed for use with Aim systems are not waterproof)

The Antenna

Mounts on the outside of the car (on the roof of sedans, on the body work or roll hoop of formula and sports racers) and connects to the controller It is 100% waterproof.

Available Options

  • Adapter cable for older CDS systems – converts single 8-pin connection to split 5-pin connection
  • Breakout cable for third-party and custom applications – many different connection options available
  • 12-Volt power – contact factory for availability

Features & Benefits

  • Provides an “end-of-lap” signal (replacing the beacon and receiver). Also provides a speed signal independent of wheel spin and brake lock.
  • Never set out a beacon, charge its battery, remember to retrieve it from pit wall, or deal with placement or interference issues ever again!
  • The Lap and Speed features are independent. You can choose to only use the “end of lap” feature and measure speed with a traditional wheel sensor or use both a wheel sensor and GPS Speed to help analyze wheel spin and lock.
  • Enhances the accuracy of all CDS features that depend on lap times and speed-distance data including the predicted lap time performance monitor, segment times report, mapping and distance based plotting, and time gain/loss calculations in Track Master software.
  • Excellent sensitivity for dropout-free speed data under bridges and trees.
  • Position is recalculated 250 times per second to yield a lap time accuracy about .02 seconds.
  • In most cases the accuracy, noise, and jitter of the Speed signal will be significantly better than any wheel speed sensor and is unaffected by brake lock and wheel spin.


  • The driver sets a “Virtual” Start/Finish line by pressing the orange button. This only needs to be done once, the controller remembers the location until it is reset again (at a different track).
  • This is usually done at the track’s actual start/finish line to make it easy to duplicate the next time you go to that track.

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