CoPilot 2+ Features

Racing data logger display system

The CDS CoPilot 2+ is a smart and programmable racing data logger display system. It is designed to process data into useful information and answers, showing the driver what he needs to see when he needs to see it. Predicted lap and sector timing show immediately. No waiting for lap times to be posted on the pit board, or a call over the radio. Drivers see the effect of their changes right now. 

Performance Monitor

Have you ever come off of a corner or gone through a segment of track and said to yourself “that felt real fast”? Conventional performance monitors can not measure or confirm the improvement you just made unless you looked at the gauge and memorized the reading before you entered that segment.

With CoPilot 2 RTD technology you simply look once, at any point on the track, and it shows you how you did in the most recent segment. The only “Driver Performance Monitor” that shows your performance in the most recent track segment with only one glance.

Compact Main Unit

  • Mounts on dash or to steering wheel.
  • Billet aluminum, waterproof construction.
  • LED lights are extremely bright daylight readable with user-adjustable brightness for any lighting condition
  • All features easily configurable using our CDS Linksoftware. Software updates are free and provided on our web site.

Programmable Shift Light

  • Each light individually programmable.
  • Includes “lugging” and over-rev lights.
  • Automatically switches range when warming up engine.
  • Lights can be set to flash at the selected shift point.

Warning and Alarm System

  • 2 warning and 1 large alarm light.
  • Alarms are individually customizable and can cause any of the selected lights to flash or be “on”.
  • “Bumping”, clearing, and disabling of alarms are individually customizable.
  • Separate alarm icon the LCD display

LCD Display

  • High contrast, wide temperature range industrial quality LCD with large, easy to read LCD digits. Completely configurable with up to 7 “layers” or pages. You chose what you want to display. Use as few or as many pages as you like.
  • Live readings, alarms, latched readings (such as min or max speed), laps to go, time to go, lap time, gear, etc.
  • Performance monitor with predicted lap, time difference, and the CDS Exclusive Recent Time Difference and more.

Data Logging

  • 8 Megabytes of data logging memory
  • Sample rate adjustable
  • Up to 37 channels of data can be logged
  • High speed USB download
  • Easy, interactive calibration and zeroing of sensors
  • Any CDS sensor can be connected
  • Data downloads into the industry leading CDS Track Master 2000 Software

See how the CoPilot 2+ fits into the complete CDS Racing Data Acquisition solution